Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bathroom Floor (with dry rot)

Doesn't that look nice?

The original flooring was no longer bonded to the floor, and was peeling up. 
So, we removed the toilet, fixed the dry rot, and replaced the flooring.

From another angle.

It sure needed replacing!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Small Kitchen Renovation

This is the result of a 'light' kitchen remodel involving paint, countertops, new appliances and fixtures, lighting, and tile backsplash. Here's what we did: 

This is what we started with. 

 We removed the upper cabinet, which was blocking the view into the family room. Wow, that really opened up the kitchen.

Next, we repaired the ceiling, painted the cabinets, brought in an electrician to update the lighting, and prepped the area for the countertop guys. 

There's the beauty shot again.
Notice: The stove is no longer a cooktop, the vent hood is now a microwave/vent hood combo, and the eat-bar area has been extended. Oh, and that sweet cabinet door modification with glass fronts!
(with the assistance of designer: Kathy Hanson)